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Do you want to claim your sovereignty as a woman and a human being, and to sever the ties of dependence on the powers that be? Do you wish to share in community with others who care about their health and establishing independence? Do you want to step into the knowledge and wisdom inherent in the design of your womanly cycles and body, as in all of nature? Do you value medical freedom, and personal autonomy as invaluable beyond measure? Do you want to learn the practice of cycle charting and awareness of your fertility, so that you can plan your family with confidence and without harmful synthetic pharmaceuticals? Are you perhaps a mother of children, especially daughters, who wants to model what it looks like to be a woman who embraces her nature wholeheartedly and doesn’t seek to shut down her innate and unique feminine way of being?

If all of these beautiful and deeply-human things resonate within you …then we would definitely mesh well together and I would love to get to know you and to work with you as your FAM mentor. I am so full of gratitude when I work with other women who are on similar journeys in life and who value the same things, especially in the current times.

I’m Sophia, a certified FAE (Fertility Awareness Educator), and I LOVE the menstrual cycle and all things fertility and women’s health. I spent over two years (2018-2020) in formal study in order to become a certified Fertility Awareness Educator so that I can teach fertility awareness and body literacy to women everywhere. I’ve also personally been charting my own cycles since about 2013, when I began charting for health and keep digging deeper and deeper in this area of study. I’m currently accepting new clients, so reach out via my Contact page if you’re interested!

Follow along with my adventure here, and I hope you’ll consider working with me in the to elevate your well-being and body literacy!

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