Fertility Awareness: Knowledge is Power + Freedom

Fertility Awareness refers to different standardized systems for observing and recording your biological data. By recording and tracking your unique biomarkers, you are able to assess your health and are alerted to any unmet needs your body may have. With this data, you can also know each day whether you are fertile or infertile.

Fertility Awareness has ZERO room for predictions (like the obsolete rhythm method which is not a Fertility Awareness Method) –> rather, fertility awareness uses only TODAY’S data — not yesterday’s and not what you think will be tomorrow’s!

Our bodies are ever-changing, because we are influenced by our diet, emotional/mental state, and our environment. If our bodies are changeable, then the best way we can keep track of our general and reproductive health is by knowing how to identify the standard signs that have been scientifically proven to mark our fertile and infertile phases, and which indicate our overall health. In this way, no matter that our body is doing, we can know what’s happening and if anything unusual is happening.

If you are trying to CONCEIVE, this data will help you pinpoint exactly when that can happen, which is useful because ovulation doesn’t just happen on day 14 (that’s a myth! Ovulation occurs only when the necessary hormonal events have taken place, which are observable by physiological symptoms).

If you are trying to AVOID PREGNANCY, the data collected by practicing Fertility Awareness allows you to know exactly when precautions must be taken so as to prevent conception, and once ovulation has been 100% confirmed you know that you can safely be unprotected without any chance of conceiving.

As a method of birth control, the Symptothermal method of Fertility Awareness is 99.4-99.6% effective, and all without harmful synthetic hormones.

You’re allowing your body to do what it’s meant to do, and what it needs to do for optimal health, and just by being knowledgable you can know so much about your health and fertility!



Want to learn more?

Ask any questions through my CONTACT page or my WORK WITH ME page, and I’ll get back to you! And check out these two myth-busting YouTube channels by two amazing women in the Fertility Awareness world!

CHLOE SKERLAK YouTube channel


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