Five Reasons to Chart Your Cycles (video + infographic)

Happy Wednesday!

This week, I created this short and pithy little video sharing just five amazing reasons why you should be charting your fertility cycles. There are soooo many more reasons, but for the sake of brevity I just included the five most basic reasons!

If you have wondered why your fertility matters, because you’re already pregnant, or perhaps because you’re single and not sexually active, then I’d like to just sneak in a little quote from Houston wellness blogger Bri Braggs (on instagram as @fertilealchemy). She puts it wonderfully when she says,


My goal is for women to hear the word “Fertility” and not just think of the ability (or not) to conceive, but instead consider a way of Being.


Our cycles and fertility tell us so much about our overall health, and so knowing how to read our bodily signs puts the power of our own care and well-being into our own hands.

Remember: a woman with healthy cycles is a healthy woman. If your cycles are off, then you are not healthy! It’s as simple as that!

Charting is a life skill and a tool that allows you to collect and record your scientifically-proven biomarkers of fertility and, thereby, of health.

I hope you enjoy this video and the accompanying infograph! Please share it with your friends and aquaintances, so that as many people as possible have the opportunity to hear about cycle charting and have the chance to try it for themselves!

If you have any questions about charting, your fertility, or your health in general as a woman, don’t hesitate to send me a message through my WORK WITH ME page! I’d love to hear from you!



5 Reasons to Chart Your Cycles



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