Bookshelf Recs: Fertility Awareness

I recently did a stories chat on my Instagram, where I talked all about my top recommendations for books on Fertility Awareness and body literacy. You can find that chat in my archived stories on my Instagram account (go check it out!).

Here are those books, along with a few more because I’m a bookworm and can’t limit myself. 😉

Having a women’s health shelf is seriously such a joy for me, not only because it’s what I study and work in, but also because I feel empowered and able to help myself whenever something is up with my health or my cycles. When I need help from a professional, I want to always enter from a place of knowledge, so that I can say that I know more my body better than anyone else ever will.

The Fifth Vital Sign by @fertilityfriday (#1 recommendation if you get nothing else)

Justisse Method for Fertility Management (what I study to teach)

Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler

Our Bodies, Ourselves

A New View of a Woman’s Body

Beyond the Pill by @drjolenebrighten (esp. if you’re coming off HBC)

WomanCode by Alisa Vitti @floliving (need if you have any hormonal imbalances, like PCOS)

Period Repair Manual by @larabriden (good for woman and teens, by a Naturopathic doc)

The Bright Girl Guide by Demi Spaccavento @brightgirlhealth every teen girl should be given this. Women can benefit from this as a starter as well!! It talks about our cycles without sex, because our bodies and cycles are valuable even when they’re not interacting with other bodies!)

Sweetening the Pill by Holly Griggs Spall @holly.griggspall (learn all about the history of the pill. Seriously, you need to know this, and it’s a short read.)

I hope you add some of these to your shelves, and that they never collect dust because they’re referenced so often. 🙂 I’ll be following up soon with Insta accounts, films, podcasts, and YouTube channels that you should know about!

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