I’ve lost count of how many people have messaged me on my Instagram page asking for BBT (Basal Body Temperature) thermometers, so I figured it was about time that I write up my recommendations in a blog post so I can simply point them to the list to explore the options.

BBT thermometers are used in Symptothermal as well as Temperature-Only methods of Fertility Awareness. Basal Body Temperature is taken daily immediately upon waking at about the same time every day in order to have a graph of temperatures that span the entirely of the ovulation cycle. Why? Because after ovulation (when progesterone rises and becomes the dominant hormone) a woman’s temperature rises noticeably. This up-shift in temperature is used in combination with cervical mucus observations in Symptothermal methods as a cross-check for confirming ovulation. I have a post about Basal Body Temperature so take a look there to read more about this biomarker.

Estrogen causes BBT to be lower, while progesterone causes it to be higher, hence the ability to distinguish between the follicular and luteal phases when viewing temperature trends retrospectively. You can read more about these hormones in my post on the Four Main Hormones of the Ovulation Cycle.

While there are countless options out there for BBT thermometers, there are just a few things to keep a lookout for when choosing which one you’ll use:

  1. Make sure you get a specifically BBT thermometer, not a regular fever thermometer as they measure to differing levels of specificity.
  2. Ensure that your BBT thermometer measures to two decimal places, and not one!
  3. Optionally you may want to choose one that has features like a backlit display, a memory, and a quieter beep when finished (if you sleep with others in the room).

With those things in mind, here are some good options!

iProven BBT Thermometer

I list this one first because my top recommendation for BBT thermometers will always be the simplest option. You don’t need something fancy or complicated — just something user-friendly and reliable to everyday use. I used a basic $10 thermometer for years and even though I now use a TempDrop, I still have that $10 one and it still works! Don’t underestimate the value of basic and simple. Here or here.

Szio+ Fertility BBT Thermometer

As a little bit of a fancier BBT thermometer, I really like this one from a Canadian company. I personally own this one and appreciate that it has a softer tip and a backlight for taking your temperature in the dark early morning.

Femometer Vinca BBT Thermometer

I have not used this thermometer, and I would not advise using the accompanying app, but if you want something that syncs to your phone that you them transfer to another app, this may be a nice option for you.

TempDrop Smart Thermometer

After years of using my sturdy Target BBT thermometer, and my SZIO+ thermometer, I switched to using the TempDrop thermometer as it allows me to get a good temperature even with less predictability and fewer hours in my sleep these days. You wear the device during sleep and it tracks your temperature all night so that it can give you an accurate average in the morning. I still love a good basic thermometer, but for postpartum women, mothers, and shift workers this is a huge help so that you can still get a good temperature even with the unpredictable things that life often throws at you! I have asked the company, and in case you were concerned, this device does not emit Bluetooth or EMF signals while you are wearing it. You only need Bluetooth while syncing it. Use my LINK to get a discount off of a TempDrop. (Or use discount code LED764EGWAOA5 at checkout!)

Hope this list was helpful! I’ll keep it updated if and when new thermometers appear on the market. If there’s one you’ve enjoyed feel free to comment it on this post and I’ll check it out.

Happy temping!

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