I want to tell you a little bit more about what I am working on in order to develop the courses and services that I’ll be selling very soon!

As you know, I am working with multiple women clients currently in order to complete my FEMM internship requirements. I’m nearly there! I am so looking forward to the final exam, and to submitting all my client reports which demonstrates their progress and my teaching ability. And then I will have that beautiful certification, and will then launch the course that I’m putting so much time and effort into creating.

Because it’s not just typing up little blurbs here and there — teaching Fertility Awareness takes a lot of training and experience in order to be able o provide objective help and instruction to women. There are Facebook groups out there with 1000s of FAM charters, but what I have seen over the years is that these groups often are filled with people who self-taught themselves to chart, and so the advice that they give to other women on their charts is…subjective at best, and sometimes plain incorrect at worst! These communities have definitely served to spread awareness of FABMs to many women, and that is invaluable. But they cannot replace the value that comes from leaning from a certified teacher, someone who can walk with you step by step to ensure that you truly understand (1) your body and (2) the rules of one specific method. Getting (well intentioned) subjective advice about someone else’s limited experience with their method isn’t going to help you when you need objective science-based information on your body and with a different method than what another may be using. Facts and consistency are what will help you achieve the charting success that you want!

Working with an educator like myself can shorten the learning process so much, and also smooth out the bumps that you may have had along the way if you would have tried self-teach instead. This means that you can get from no information about your body and cycles to being a confidant charter within just a few short cycles of practice with your instructor (like me!) standing alongside you to guide you and resolve any confusion that comes up along the way. This type of help is truly invaluable. You don’t know what you don’t know, and reading one book doesn’t make you an expert on Fertility Awareness (yes, even the much loved Taking Charge of Your Fertility has it’s shortcomings!).

So what all goes into the behind the scenes of the education that you receive from educators?

  • Education (time + 1000s $ in cost)
  • Books (time to read + cost)
  • Design software (cost to purchase + time to design_
  • Equipment (cost of equipment used to record and teach)
  • Web hosting (cost of website maintenance and domain)
  • Web design (hours and hours spent creating my website)
  • Advertising (working to reach women and share why my work is valuable)
  • Calendar booking services (cost to use)
  • Payment plan services (cost to use)
  • Video hosting services (cost to use)
  • Email listserv services (cost to use + time to write)
  • Time — the most valuable investment of all!
  • Communication (answering emails and messages from clients as they learn)

This all adds up! It takes work to develop something of value that will serve the needs of clients. It’s a joy to create, but just because It’s a joy doesn’t mean it’s not hard work! This is why people pay for Fertility Awareness education, because someone else has already done all of the education and investment of time and resources in order to smooth the learning process out for students.

I can’t wait to share my work with you when I open registration. And I’m so looking forward to taking some of my followers here on as clients — women dedicated to their own health and well-being.

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