Are you ready to begin learning Fertility Awareness? Whether you want to chart your cycles to avoid pregnancy, conceive consciously, or just to track health, my beautiful Sage Fertility FAM course will help you reach that goal. One-on-one guidance ensures that you have every opportunity to learn the information and to grow into this new practice.

Chart to Conceive

Fertility Awareness allows you to know when you’re fertile and able to conceive. It also is a tool to understanding issues that may be complicating your journey to conception, so that you can find the root and seek support for healing.

Chart to Avoid

Women to world over are using modern Fertility Awareness Based Methods to avoid pregnancies and plan their families. Whether you’re avoiding longer-term, or you simple want to space children, FAM is a tool that serves you in all reproductive life stages.

Chart for Health

More and more health professionals are beginning to see the value ot using the cycle chart as a diagnostic tool. Ovulation is a vital sign of health, and the ovulation cycle is called the fifth vital sign for women. Using FAM to track health is an empowering and detailed way to make informed health decisions, whether you are self-healing, seeing an allopathic doctor, or prefer more holistic practitioners.

It’s time to chart your cycles!